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Essay 4


Option 1: You have likely encountered a number of contradictions, or paradoxes in your reading of the core texts by Capra, Ord, Quinn and Hanh. In a reflective essay consider one paradox from each text. Write about the contradiction that arises from the text and what that contradiction represents. It is not your job to resolve the contradiction, simply to note it, explain it and move on. Alternatively, if you feel that all four texts contain a solitary and consistent contradiction you may focus on writing about that.

Option 2: Write an essay which reflects on both sides of Ishmael’s koan. What does it mean? What is it saying? As you unravel the meaning of the koan, as you wrestle with its contradictions, it may be of help to rely on the other writers – Capra, Ord, Hanh – to help bring clarity to your essay.

Option 3: Consider the question raised by Ishmael in Quinn’s novel: is there a law regarding the right way to live? Ishmael equates this to the law of gravity and wonders why mankind violates pre-existing laws of nature.

Option 4: Zen Buddhism is really about practice. Showing up to the cushion every day to sit in meditation, breathing and putting forth effort so as to know one’s mind. Write an essay that discussion some of the practices and efforts that we might be able to put forth as individuals, and as a species, in order to lessen our existential risks and bring about a healthier future for those who come after us.


  • MLA format
  • Submit by due date in Bb as Word Doc or PDF
  • Clear method or pattern of organization, form
  • Attend to the prompt.


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