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Ripped straight from the headlines, this discussion focuses on the ongoing court battle between Academy Award-winning actress and comedian Monique’ and global streaming platform Netflix. In 2018 Monique’ called for people to boycott the platform because of racial and gender bias in pay. Some have argued that Monique is not trending and doesn’t deserve to earn the same amount as other current mainstream comedians. Review this article (Links to an external site.) and this video (Links to an external site.) where Monique explains her concerns with the woman of The View, and this video (Links to an external site.) where Monique’ sits down with the Breakfast Club to discuss these claims. After reviewing these resources develop a well-written response to the following questions.

  • The court has settled that Monique does have a valid claim against Netflix; discuss the nuances of intersectionality in these sorts of claims and how they differ from single-issue discrimination claims.
  • Also, discuss your thoughts on how to counter the stereotyping of women of color, black women in particular, as being difficult or hard to work with when demanding what is right.


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