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  1. Resource: Budget and Profit and Loss Statement Grading GuidePurpose of Assignment The purpose of this assignment is to allow students to gain the necessary knowledge to manage cost and determine project viability through capital budgeting techniques, so they can effectively minimize the cumulative error between the projected values and actual values over the relevant time horizon.Note: The official term Income Statement is also known informally as Profit and Loss Statement.
    Assignment Steps Conduct an internet search for an income statement or use the example located in the textbook or use one from your previous assignment.Analyze the revenue and expense items based on information collected from any income statement.  Use an internet search or use the example located in the textbook for the course, or one you used in previous assignments.Write a 350-word essay on the revenue and expense items found on an income statement.Create a Profit and Loss Statement (Income Statement) following the income statement format, using the items given below. Cost of goods sold                75,000Sales                                      100,000 Commissions expense          5,000Advertising expense             2,000Interest expense                     500Interest Revenues                  5,000Office Supplies expense        3,500Gain on sale of assets            3,000Office equipment expense    2,500Loss from lawsuit                  1,500


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