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Discussion Mini-Essay: Personal, Social and Cultural Implications

The mini essays posted in response to the discussion questions
are part of the Gordon Rule writing assignments. Each mini essay should
contain 200 words.

These posts are to be discussions and NOT reiterations of the
material. You should bring original thoughts to the conversation and
NOT simply summarize the information. Think critically and bring to
light ideas and/or concepts that are new and share a different

Discussion Post Question: As the Media Literacy textbook states,
people do not typically prefer media messages that are too far removed
from their own experiences.

  • What are the personal implications of this?
  • What are the social and cultural implications of this?

Directions for each discussion mini-essay post:

  • Think critically about your answers and write thoughtful and insightful sentences.
  • Students are expected to: (1) originate their own post AND (2)
    respond to at least TWO additional classmate’s thread. Make sure you
    include the other classmate’s FULL NAME when responding.
  • Original posts should be 200 words long. Responses to your peers’
    posts have no word limit, but to receive full credit you must respond to
    specific ideas from their original post, not simply indicate that you
    agree or that you liked it. Good posts should be concise and to the
    point and should not ramble or deviate from your point. Posts that are
    way under or way over the word count will result in a loss of points.
  • This is not a case of how much you say, but rather how you reason and support your argument.
  • Proper grammar, sentence structure, and paragraph-format are required


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