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Early childhood settings across the world are filled with culturally diverse children, families, and communities. As an early childhood professional, you serve as a role model for children and families, and as such, can model understanding and respect for the cultural diversity of every child, family, and early childhood professional in your environment. In order to do this, it is important that you understand and can put into practice a solid working definition of cultural diversity and the factors that contribute to it. Prior to completing this discussion, read Chapter 1 of the textbook, which describes different strategies early childhood educators can use to support children in their educational success; then review the 10 tips for dealing with language and cultural diversity in the classroom (Links to an external site.) web page. 

For your initial post, create a poster for an early childhood education setting that welcomes families into a diverse environment. This poster should communicate that your early childhood education environment supports diversity for every child and family.

Through the use of words and graphic images, the poster should communicate or evoke the following items:

  • The purpose and importance in early childhood education of a working knowledge of cultural diversity.
  • An example from lived experience of the above.
  • One or more strategies that early childhood professionals can utilize in their environments to foster success with diverse children and families.
  • Some notion of how this strategy or strategies can enhance teaching and leadership in an early childhood education environment.


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