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I’m studying for my Health & Medical class and need an explanation.

As always, you can NOT cite websites for this part EXCEPT clinical You must provide references from Pubmed for all facts in all your answers. If the fact isn’t something you determined yourself, you must reference where you got the fact. ( I attached a word document for the answers format)

0. List your disease ( my disease is Alzehimer)- 0 points

  1. Have any treatments for your disease been in clinical trials and failed based on the clinical trials website ( (Links to an external site.))? If so, how many? For this point alone, you can list this website ( (Links to an external site.)). It should be in your reference list properly formatted, together with Pubmed references. 4 points

Find your disease on the website. If it is not there, consult Pubmed references.

2. How many humans have been tested in a clinical trial? 4 points

3. For the existing clinical trials, what stage are the trials at? 4 points

4. If any treatment was successful, note what the treatment was and when it was approved. If you can’t find anything, discuss why that might be. 3 points

5. How is your disease normally diagnosed? How would you improve the diagnosis of your disease? 4 points

6. Does a vaccine exist for your disease? If so, describe the vaccine. If not, how would you develop a vaccine to your disease? 3 points

7. How would your drug benefit from personalized medicine?


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