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Assignment Objective: At the completion of this assignment, students will have created an annotated bibliography that includes at least 3 peer reviewed journal articles applying public health programs and principles to address a chosen health issue in a target population.

For this assignment students will create an annotated bibliography with at least 3 APA references from peer reviewed journal articles. Do not use websites for the information (i.e. CDC, WHO…). Use actual peer review journal articles from the WilumU online library.

1. Follow these instructions to search for appropriate articles to create this annotated bibliography on the following:

  • The target population that the agency/organization you chose in the Week 2 assignment serves;
  • The health issue that the agency for your OLE addresses (i.e., diabetes, smoking, prevention of addiction, cancer….)
  • Public Health programs or approaches to addressing this health issue

2) Create an Annotated Bibliography with those 3 selected articles. Here is a link to the OWL Purdue website that discusses how to do an APA Annotated Bibliography (Links to an external site.) (please look up other resources if you need to)

3) Write a 3-paragraph summary that also applies the constructs of the “Health Belief Model” to the health issue to promote healthier behaviors by the target population. This Health Belief Model is addressed in the textbook for this class. You should also seek out additional resources on the Health Belief Model to help you understand and apply to your health issue and population to include in this summary.


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