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Required Length: At a minimum, the essay ends somewhere on the fourth and the works  cited page comprises the fifth page. The maximum length for this essay is seven full pages plus  a works cited page as page eight. (Essays outside this range may be penalized.)

(The article are in the files “Dream of The Rood” and “Holy Sonnet 4”. I know there are other Holy Sonnets but I chose just NUMBER 4.

Present your answer to the central question as an interpretive thesis, included in an introductory paragraph. Focus your response on the text (or texts) named in the prompt you have chosen. Persuasively support your thesis through close reading (careful analysis of specific textual details). Observations about the text are useful as evidence; paraphrases are not the same as interpretations. If you attempt to summarize or even to analyze too many parts of your chosen text, you will almost certainly do too little close reading and analysis of specific details to be successful. Make sure that you are confining yourself to a specific interpretive focus.

Prompt: Choose one poem by John Donne and any other text that you have read which has a religious element. Compare what these two texts emphasize about religion. (Note: just because a text emphasizes one element of religion, this does not mean that it denies other elements.) 

For my essay I chose the “Holy Sonnet IV” by John Donne and “Dream of the Rood”. Both of these readings contain a religious element in their articles.

The thesis will depend a lot on whether you are comparing two similar emphases or two different ones. Answer either How does having two different ways to emphasize this element complicate a reader’s understanding of it? or How do these two different elements work together to provide a fuller picture of religious belief? 


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