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Here is your second and final take-home exam due on April 25th, 21 at midnight. (A late penalty of 5% per day will be applied to all late submissions).

Please prepare to write an essay in which you describe how Einstein’s discoveries changed the Newtonian worldview.

You will need to explain the important differences in worldview between Newton and Einstein when it comes to things such as speed, space, time, simultaneity, motion, gravity, energy, matter, and the cosmos in general. Please note that you do not need to mention details of the Newtonian worldview that remained unchanged by Einstein.

You are only permitted to draw on the material that was discussed during class time, the documentaries I showed to you in class, as well as your course readings. Please ensure that you do not plagiarize by copying from the book or each other.

Try to be as precise and detailed in your explanations as you possibly can. Keep in mind that you want to show off your extensive knowledge. My advice to you would be to divide your essay into 2 sections beginning with Newtonian physics and then moving on to Einstein. Jumping back and forth between them is not a good idea and should be avoided.

The length of your essay is not very important to me, but its content is. However, your essay should be at least 750 words long, but can easily be longer, as long as the actual information content of the essay is enhanced by the length.

If you have trouble with organization or writing style, I strongly suggest that you seek advance assistance from the writing center (TASC). _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Reference from Chapter 26 Worldviews – An Introduction to the History and Philosophy of Science, 3rd Edition

Please make sure to number the pages


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