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write a reflective letter that briefly explains your experiences with literacy (reading, writing, and language) and how these experiences have helped you prepare for the writing you will do in ENG 101.

Your letter should address three main areas: your experiences, your abilities, and your level of confidence. As you think about these three areas, refer to the page with information about ENG 101 in order to be specific in your responses.

Your experiences with reading, writing, and language. For example, you might discuss: Classes in high school or college that have provided instruction in critical reading and writing The types of writing that have been required in your workplace The types of reading and writing that you like to do in your free time Other languages besides English that you speak, read, or write Your reading and writing skills and abilities. For example, you might discuss: your typical writing process the critical reading strategies you use when reading a difficult text rhetorical strategies that help you communicate with different audiences Your level of confidence in your reading and writing skills. For example, you might discuss: External indicators of your skill level, such as test scores or grades in your previous English classes. Internal indicators of your skill level, such as whether you feel personal satisfaction when reading and writing. Your level of comfort working independently on reading and writing as opposed to receiving frequent instruction and feedback Your level of interest in the support options listed on the previous page In order to develop your ideas and provide the information we need, plan to write at least 500 words. The chart below shows the criteria we look at when we assign your placement score. After your letter is scored, return to this page to see how your letter was evaluated on each of the four criteria.


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