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I need help with a research written summary.

OK, so I came up with the following question: What social, political, and economic factors influence the emergence of reactionary or regressive social movements?

I was thinking that it might take a little looking around to figure out what the operational definitions will be of regressive or reactionary social movements–reactions to what? Regression from what? I’m just wondering about the countervailing force and then interaction between the two oppositions. Do progressive movements generate reactionary/more conservative movements? Do movements that affirm identity–the feminist movement for example; BLM for example–generate counter reactionary movements and why? I want to get a little more specific in naming the movement.

Once the question is narrowed, I need to find three articles in professional journals that speak to my topic. These need to be social science journals, preferably sociological ones, or at least journals or articles that take a sociological (not psychological) perspective. They must be peer-reviewed, not popular magazines or newspapers, and they should be relatively current–that is, published in the last 10 years.

The research summary must be structured like so:

1. Provide a brief introduction that states why you’re interested in this topic. (in my case this would be something about ALM popping up in response to BLM)

2. Restate the question.

3. Summarize and synthesize the articles.

4. Comment on the methodology and theoretical perspective employed by the researchers.

5. Demonstrate how the articles help to answer or relate to your question.

6. Comment on what questions remain unanswered and require further research or exploration.

7. Provide full bibliographic citations, using APA style.


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