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Discussion forums allow students the opportunity to analyze and discuss project management topics with classmates and the instructor. They are an opportunity for sharing insights and experiences within project management and are relative to the readings, other weekly course material, and the Unit Learning Outcomes. Please review the Learning Outcomes and the Directions prior to posting your response to the discussion prompt below.

Unit Learning Outcomes

  • Explain how a process flow chart aids in performing quality control on projects.
  • Devise action to prevent the same problem from occurring again later in the project.
  • Examine the pros and cons of in-house to third-party quality audit on a project.
  • Explain how one can improve the performance of subcontractors.
  • Discuss why Quality Control by external persons can take more time and effort.
  • Evaluate the importance of a thorough quality management plan.


After reviewing this week’s material, engage in an active discussion this week on the following topic:

The user is facing a lot of problems in enhancements and minor changes carried out for a software product. Discuss how do you apply quality principles and rectify the problems.

Please find an additional reference source and cite the source in your discussion post. Sources must be used to enhance the learning experience. By finding a referenced source, you are enhancing the learning experience by searching for another source of information on the topic. Also, please ensure you are using a source that is peer reviewed to ensure accuracy of information (select peer-reviewed journal articles in the Park Library).

Your original post should be in the format of an executive summary (must contain verbiage and bullet points to name the key points). Use APA formatting.


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