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You will write a book review (not a book report) for this grade. In addition to this book, when writing the review, you should consult two scholarly articles about the subject matter of your book. Book Review, While your book review will be written in a standard narrative format (Turabian documentation style 3 Pages doubled spaced) with documentation.


The first thing that you should realize is that this is a very different type of book than Ordinary Men. It is not a monograph; it’s not focused on one specific subject in a microcosm. This is an experimental history in many ways that tells its story in a fictional way, through the narration of historical events by an animal. It is in this respect somewhat similar to George Orwell’s novel, Animal Farm, though Drakulic’s work is much more of a historical work than a novel, as Orwell’s was.


To write your essay, focus on how this experimental way of telling history works. Remember the author is both trying to be entertaining by telling the history of these communist nations in this way, but she’s also attempting to give us deep insights into those histories. All of the major communist countries of Eastern Europe are covered here, so the book can really give you a large view of the various ways in which communist states ruled over their peoples.


Select one or two of your favorite chapters from the book, from the mouse at the outset to the mole from Berlin. Explain how the chapter works and how the animals tell their stories. Do you think the author is successful in relaying deep insights into what it was like to live under a totalitarian communist state? Provide your own commentary to explain what’s going on in the chapter and chapters you have selected.


Requirements: CHICAGO/TURBIAN | Other | 3 pages, Double spaced


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