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Knowledge is the result of learning and has a requisite that can be expressed and conveyed to others. Jacqueline Fawcett explained that one of the major issues in the survival of nursing is a self-discipline and appreciation of the nature and structure of the knowledge of nursing (Osorio-Castaño, 2018). Nursing knowledge is made up of five aspects: a conceptual model, a metaparadigm, an empirical indicator, and a philosophy. Every aspect is fully functional on its own, but each aspect is also complete within a larger organization. Fawcett indirectly utilized the term metaparadigm as a way to structure areas of nursing into a philosophical hierarchy of knowledge, therefore, claiming nursing research and practice to be objectively scientific. According to Fawcett (2020), nursing should be referred to as nursology, which is the practice of restoring, maintaining, or achieving behavioral improvisation and stability of the system at the maximum level for the individual. Nursology conceptual models and theories represent formal knowledge of nursology. Nurses should be investigators and use conceptual models and theories to guide their practice. All nurses can contribute to the advancement of nursing knowledge.

As caregivers we have the opportunity to evaluate educate patients on diseases. For example, education during pregnancy concerning postpartum depression may lead to an earlier diagnosis and treatment plan for those at risk. Depression screening tools are intended to identify people who may be depressed. Individuals who are positive on depression screening methods must be assessed further by a qualified medical professional to determine whether diagnostic criteria are met. One of the tools used to identify mothers at risk for post-partum depression is the 10 item Edinburg Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) (Lyubenova et al., 2021).


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