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Please read THE MORALS OF A PRINCE by Niccolo Machiavelli.  Machiavelli is famous for his writings on the nature of power and politics, specifically on the actions and behavior of those desiring power and wanting to hold it.  Today, if a person is said to be Machiavellian, it implies that they are being manipulative to gain and/or hold power. 

However, others argue that Machiavelli was merely describing the nature of people and their leaders while creating a blueprint for politicians to rule successfully. 

One of his most famous quotes was, “He who wishes to deceive will never fail in finding willing dupes” (46).

Please write at least 12 paragraphs giving examples from current politics showing how Machiavelli’s ideas and thoughts are still relevant today.

Machiavelli Essay
Paragraph 1: Summary of the prince by Machiavelli with a clear thesis statement at the end

Paragraph 2: a brief description of three machiavellian tropes and their relevance to politics.

Paragraph 3: dissection of one trope with an example from “the prince”

Paragraph 4-5: one example of this trope in politics(past or present)

Paragraph 6: second trope dissection with another quote from machiavelli

Paragraph 7-8: two more examples of this trop in politics(past or present)

Paragraph 9: third trope dissection with one last quote from machiavelli

Paragraph 10-11: last two examples of machiavellian tropes in politics(past or present)

Paragraph 12: conclusion


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