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In preparation, you need to read over the Gallery Guide which can be found below the Module 9 content area on the left. Once you have done that you will write a discussion section entry using the following guidelines:

1. Go to

and scroll down and click through the pages to view the works of art in the Louvre collection that they are highlighting on the website


and look at the works that are currently on view at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

2. Select a total of 3 (three) artworks from either or both sites that you are interested in and would like to describe and analyze using the terms and concepts from the course discussed in the textbook and in the gallery guide. Each work should be from a different medium. (Sculpture, painting, metal-smithing, video, etc.) The writing should describe the work using the elements and principles of art, and then you should analyze the work using two of the techniques we have discussed in the course (formal, iconographic, biographical, etc.). Remember there is the the physical art object, and then there is the meaning that both the maker and the user create. I want you to describe what it is, and then tell us what you think it means and why. You may need to use other sources for this section. The writing should be 200-300 words per art object. You may need to use other sources to write this, feel free to use the Internet (reputable sources please) and the textbook as sources and include attributions.

3. Include an image of the art work (either placed from the website, or if need be, shot with your phone off the computer screen).


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