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First consider all that you have learned about developmental disabilities (the challenges and barriers, their strengths, their needs and traits) from this course and from your experiences. Then, follow the Format from the Kennedy Center Tip Sheets and Resource Page (linked below), this time creating your OWN tip sheet and resource page addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can choose ANY aspect of the pandemic that you feel has significantly affected people with IDD and ASD (read the articles I linked on Canvas to learn more). Below are some topics to consider. You can combine topics too. You can come up with your own topic. (Links to an external site.)

Explaining COVID-19 (the virus, transmission, etc.)
Addressing fears
Dealing with stress and overwhelm/uncertainty
Coping and Calming Skills
Maintaining Routines (specific to children with ASD or IDD)
Maintaining predictability
Building New Routines (adapting)
Exercise and Health/Wellbeing – staying healthy
Physical health (wearing face coverings, handwashing hygiene, etc)
Keep Social Connections (socially distanced)
Economic strain
Dealing with social isolation
Dealing with screens
Dealing with loss – school closure
Dealing with loss – a loved one
Dealing with loss – cancelled plans (e.g., vacations, graduations)
Dealing with loss – job loss
Getting back to school
Dealing with misinformation online

  1. Respond to two peers’ posts about their tip sheet and resource page


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