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bussiness plan about small cafe make a random imaginary one

put your business plan together into a presentation ready format. At a minimum you should include the following items:

Title page

Table of contents

Executive Summary

Company Description

Product or Service Description

Industry Analysis

Market Analysis

Marketing Plan

Financial Plan

Appendix with Owners Resume

Works Cited and Substantiation

As you are preparing this be sure to complete and update all of the sections of your plan so that they all tie together. This means that your discussions should match what you have in your marketing and financial plans.

Use this time to create charts and tables that will aid the reader in understanding your plan.

This is your chance to be creative! For example, you can make up your own titles.

Be sure to include things like page numbers, clear titles and subtitles.

Use a Business Writing Style that is free from errors!

Be sure to use this time to polish your supplemental materials, like your cover letter.

Ensure that your report prints out properly.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to write clearly and succinctly. Edit your write ups to ensure that you are specific and concise. (i.e. Get to the point!) At this stage you should be able to clearly articulate your points without lengthy run on sentences or tons of extra language that does not aid your argument.


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