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Destination: Santorini, Greece

I have provided the textbook, please use that

when providing quote from textbook: provide the page number and paragraph for the quote, than explain the quote

when presenting a outside quote about the destination that makes a direct connection between quote from the text book and the destination, Provide a reference and link to the quote related to the destination and Briefly explain the context of your destination quote

things to consider: minimize quotes more than one sentence. Explain the connection properly. More explanations/opionion

For the Paper, you will use the researched from the paper that i have provided.
But add the introduction and conclusion, and infuse
the sustainability elements listed below. And feel free to change or add details to any of the pargrpahs previously written. The paper must be a minimum of (10) pages double
spaced(which of 6 pages I have provided), 1-inch margins, 12-point font, with APA formatting and citations.

The topic of the final paper
is Sustainability. Here are a few questions that should addressed. When adding these components to
your paper, they should be infused throughout the paper and not just added to the beginning or end.
After you have addressed one of the questions, label it immediately after with (S1-S5). The “S”
represents sustainability, and the number represents the question you addressed.

1) What organizations have a vested interest in the sustainability of the destination? (S1)

2) What needs to be done for this destination to be sustainable for future generations? (S2)

3) How can the local community be involved in sustaining tourism? (S3)

4) What would happen to the destination if tourism was not sustainable? (S4)

5) What portion of the economy is from tourism, as an economic generator? (S5)


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