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Six discussion Topics are given.Select three topics to discuss. Must thoroughly detail or address topic within 200 to 500 words and be substantive. Use appropriate citations and references (APA compliant). Please copy paste the question. Then write answer below it.

Topic 1: Case Study 5 – Work Breakdown Structure

Reflecting on Article/Case Study 5 (Wedding Planning), define a Work Breakdown Structure to plan a wedding or its associated activities.

Topic 2: Precedence Diagramming Method

Precedence Diagramming Method includes 4 types of dependencies or logical relationships. Explain those 4 dependencies/logical relationship and apply to any personal or professional scenario or project.

Topic 3: Inputs for Plan Schedule Management

Explain the inputs for Plan Schedule Management. Also, include reasons for its importance and its application in projects.

Topic 4: Define Activities tools & techniques

Explain and define the tools & techniques for Define Activities. Include your perspective on how these items are important to projects.

Topic 5: Dependency Types

Explain and define the 4 different types of dependencies – Mandatory, Discretionary, External and Internal. Include or cite examples of dependency.

Textbook Required:

Title: A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge: PMBOK (®) Guide

Author: Project Management Institute

Publisher: Project Management Institute

Year Published: 2017

Edition: 6th

ISBN: 10: or 13: 9781628251845

Title: Project Manager’s Spotlight on Risk Management

Author: Kim Heldman

Publisher: Jossey-Bass

Year Published: 2017

Edition: 1st


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