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As a faculty member, you may be asked to take part in course or program design. It is important to understand the process used to create courses that are aligned to programmatic competencies, as well as how those courses are approved. Many higher education institutions have strict approval processes that start with submitting a proposal to an academic accrediting body or committee.

Based on your completed “Course Design Template,” write a 500-750 word proposal to be presented to the appropriate academic committee to start the approval process for your new course. Include the following in your proposal:

  • Course Design: Revise the course design you created in Topics 4 and 5 based on instructor feedback.
  • Rationale for why this course is important for students in this content area and relevant to the real world.
  • Strategies to collaborate with stakeholders within your content area or institution on curriculum design.
  • Explanation of how the assessments align with the academic standards of rigor required by the college or university.
  • Sample lesson plan: Revise the lesson plan you created in Topic 6 considering instructor feedback.

Benchmark Information 

This benchmark assignment assesses the following programmatic competencies:

MA Communication with an Emphasis in Education; MA English with an Emphasis in Education; MA History with an Emphasis in Education; MS Mathematics with an Emphasis in Education; MS Science in Biology with an Emphasis in Education; MS Science in Chemistry with an Emphasis in Education; MS Sociology with an Emphasis in Education

1.1: Analyze strategies to effectively collaborate on curriculum design with various stakeholders.

1.2: Align academic standards to objectives and assessments in a syllabus.


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