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The assignment that follows will give you practice in writing essays. Concentrate on writing a clear thesis statement and a full, well-organized body. Before you write, make sure you have the specific audience to whom you are writing and your purpose clearly in mind. Then make an outline that includes: A clear thesis statement; two to four topic sentences that support the thesis statement; details, facts, and examples to develop each paragraph; and a logical order of paragraphs.

Choose one of the following assignment prompts to develop your essay. Be sure to write at least 500 words and format your paper in APA style with an APA formatted title page.

Click the icon below for an APA template that you can use to assist in formatting your paper:

Topic One: Do you socialize mostly with members of your own ethnic, racial, or gender group? Why? Write an essay that explores, in detail, the advantages of a more diverse social life and the ways that you could go about making this change happen. Begin by writing a clear thesis statement and making a plan for a well-organized essay.

Topic 2: What are the most important qualities of a committed relationship? What factors keep such a relationship positive and alive? Would it be shared interests, trust, humor, or nurturing each other’s growth? Your audience is anyone who wants a devoted relationship. Jot your ideas, and perhaps ask happy couples for advice. Then write an essay that explains three key qualities of committed partnership. Support your points with details and examples.


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