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This paper is an MLA format style paper on high resistance blood flow vs. low resistance blood flow. In other terms, writing about what can cause high resistance blood flow and what it is and the same for low resistance blood flow. The requirements are as follows:

1) Must be at least 3 pages, double-spaced, min. Not including cover page and references page

2) Must include cover page and reference page at the beginning and end of paper

3) As previously mentioned, must be MLA styled.

4) Should be written in 12pt. font, Times New Roman.

Attached to this I am including the PP presentation that I made on this topic. It is very brief and summarized, the paper will obviously have to be extra detailed. However, it includes all the info on the two sources I will not be able to provide for you via links as they are hard copy books. If you need that info in addition to everything I am giving you, plus anything else you may find on the subject, please let me know and I will try to scan in and send it over. Below are the links to the websites I used for the PP that I actually found the most helpful. If none of these links work, they are also listed on the reference page in the PP so you may look them up like that.……

Thank you for your help and please let me know if there is anything you need clarification on!

I need this turned into me by Thursday, 04/29 @ 12:00PM.


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