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Present a nine-pane analysis of the challenge and acknowledge how one would navigate through such complexity based on the following challenge:

As a group, identify and select a “real world” or “real organizational” challenge to analyze with our course materials

For this week’s discussion, I will take a real-world challenge, Covid-19 and which I can analyze using the course materials. Covid-19 can be both a real-world and an organizational challenge, both of which are a test to the leadership at the organization and global level.

Frame the history of the challenge and place within the VUCA context

The history of the covid-19 pandemic is well-known, began in December 2019, and originated from Wuhan, China. Originally, it was considered a normal disease, but after a few months of rapid infections led to global outrage, with individuals, governments, and global organizations trying to input measures to reduce its spread. Soon, it was branded a pandemic, with hundreds of thousands have lost their lives. Based on the VUCA context, change is described as chaotic and unpredictable and requires that leaders become flexible and learn to adapt rather than implement the old ways of dealing with formulated and predictable change. Covid-19 pandemic brought unpredictable changes to organizations across the globe – from financial, social, and political, and which necessitated an immediate solution. There have been few known pandemics that had the same impact as covid-19 such as the Black Death and the Spanish Flu of 1920.

Use the following to help with the 9 Panes Framework:…


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