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Presentation and Slides

Watch the video Cory Bouck on Followership (Links to an external site.) and answer the following questions of your own,

MAKE A PowerPoint slides you created for the video.

  1. How does the definition that Cory Bouck uses in the video support or challenge the definition in your text?
  2. Does the assertion that leaders are in the middle and must lead both up and down the hierarchy ring true to you? Why, or why not?
  3. If you are the CEO of an organization how would you get direction and guidance to lead successfully?
  4. One of the terms that people sometimes use to refer to followers is “subordinate.” What does this imply about followers, and does it fit with Corry Bouck’s definition of followership? Why, or why not?
  5. What do you really think about the idea of followership and how does this impact any preconceived notions of leadership that you may have?

please include any ideas or thoughts that relate to course material already learned. The video presentation needs to be supported with no more than 10 Powerpoint slides, as well as you the presenter, in the video.

Please After finishing the assignment, write a reflection separately ( this is should be separate page,it is an informal writing exercise and no sources or APA formatting/citation are required).

Submit 1-2 paragraphs that summarize what you have learned, how it relates to what you have observed or experienced in your own personal or professional life, and how it will enable you to be a successful healthcare leader.


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