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1) Review this guide: Sections 3.1-3.7 in the “Proposals” chapter in our textbook (Links to an external site.).

2) A proposal is a persuasive document whereby an employee makes a formal and detailed suggestion to their company. Your assignment is to imagine that you have a position in your field; a situation arises that calls for a change (this may be a problem that if not addressed will harm the business, or a situation that calls for proactive ideas that would advance the business). Write a proposal to your supervisors or the business owners/CEOs that provides a detailed explanation of the issue, and a carefully researched solution to the problem. Using at least two reliable sources, present a solution, its feasibility (plan outlining all of the details), and a summary of any costs. Finally conclude with a statement that reiterates the success of your idea and resonates with respectful confidence that your proposal will be accepted. During the final week, you will present your proposal to the class, as if we are your intended audience.

Types of Research
You should use at least two different sources. Options:
• EBSCOhost (articles from magazines and journals)
• Google search (blogs, news articles, competitor sites, product reviews)
• Library Catalog (books, print magazines)
• Interview (with a company)

The proposal should be at least three pages long (2 pages of text and 1 reference page)

1) Memo header
2) Clearly marked sections:

Purpose – brief explanation of what is being proposed and why
Problem or situation prompting the proposal. This should include data driven evidence documenting a need for change.
Solution including credible research
Plan which must address the feasibility and provide a timeline


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