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— Include relevant detail and examples. Do not waste valuable time and space on sentences that do not add anything substantial to the answer.

— Please make sure the responses answer exactly what the question is asking and answer all parts of the question. The answers will be found in the readings and lectures, therefore please gather information from only from both the readings and lectures (I will send pdfs after selection). Please do not come up with answers on your own or from online. This is a really important assignment, so I want it to be done with proper effort, please!

— In your answers try to include references to, and examples of, legal/constitutional material from a variety of countries.

**A lot of readings, and answers have to come from them, so make sure you’re willing to put in effort into reading advanced texts, and then writing accordingly**

Essay Questions

1. What is constitutionalism? How is it relevant to comparative constitutional law? In what way are Confucian and Islamic constitutionalism distinctive? How do the debates about the EU Constitution and about global or cosmopolitan constitutionalism influence your answer? Draw in your answer on Ackerman’s article, and more generally on the literature we read in the second part of the course. (aim for 600 words)

2. What exactly does Kumm argue? What is he in favor of, exactly? What is “cosmopolitan constitutionalism”? How far can you agree with him? (aim for 600 words)

Due Saturday May 15 6:00 PM EST.


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