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Culture is an incredible advantage that has allowed humans to enter almost every niche in nature.  Using your notes from the Week 3 people watching assignment (attached), you will analyze your cultural observations through the eyes of an anthropologist.  Be sure you download the attached worksheet (attached), fill it out, and submit it.  Other formats (for example, a paper, will not be accepted).  See the example (attached) of one people-watching activity that was analyzed using an anthropological concept and a source.

Using the provided worksheet, you will analyze your observations from Week 3:

Share four or more specific observations from your scene

Identify an anthropological concept that fits with each of these observations. 

  • What is an anthropological concept? Anthropological concepts are anthropological terms and ideas. Examples of some that we’ve studied include: ethnocentrism, ethnicity, reciprocity, kinship, language and communication. You should not use this exact list of four concepts and expect them to fit your observation.
  • We’ve identified two credible online glossaries of anthropological concepts that might be helpful to you: Palomar Anthro Glossary and Open Anthropology Glossary.

Some terminology from class cannot be used as concepts for this assignment: the four subfields, methodology terms (participant observation, ethnography, etc.), or culture and society cannot be used as concepts that you observe and analyze.

  • Define the concept (using a source- provide a citation and a reference)

Describe how it explains or fits your observation.


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