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Find below the reply from one of the students and the article they chose to discuss. Provide a 200-word commentary about the student’s post.

Good afternoon Class and Professor,

For this week’s discussion, I found this lengthy yet fascinating article regarding diversity and inclusion management in a global team. The article starts by highlighting the narrative change in regards to the concept of diversity and inclusion. Originally, it had already been established that discrimination of any sort was morally despicable, but now the management’s perspective on the concept of diversity has evolved to view it as a competitive advantage in a global market. Companies are rapidly evolving to serve a global consumer base, leading management teams to add inclusion to its core values. The article expands to detail its critique towards the way diversity is being handled by management teams. The author mentions that diversity should not be approached arbitrarily using a demographic lens, instead diversity should be approached through an intrinsic lens. That is because diversity goes beyond the physical features or the national background of prospective team members. Diversity of perspectives, insights, experiences and personality traits are far more valuable for a multi-national enterprise. The article concludes that diversity should be managed in by valuing true diversity of opinion, while creating a high expectation of performance under an egalitarian, yet non-bureaucratic structure. A new paradigm shift of management is upon the emergence of globalization.

The article can be found here:


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