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This is the complete group assignment but I am only responsible for this part; Figure 1-3 The business executive -skill life cycle

B. Innovation Data/Analysis/Findings-(4-6 pages of content): WEEK 6

The team will analyze the company’s innovation profile using:

  • The DNA of Innovator’s textbook Figure -.1-1 DNA model for generating
  • innovative ideas,
  • Figure 1-3 The business executive -skill life cycle and
  • Figure 1-4 Discovery and delivery skills matrix

Compose a description of the organization’s environment likely to impact the innovative process.

5. Apply theThe KEYS Model by Amibile iin the article “Motivating Creativity in Organizations” p. 48 Table 1. Assess your organization’s environment on the following dimensions: Organizational Encouragement, Supervisory Encouragement, Sufficient Resources, Challenging Work and Freedom/Autonomy. This article is located in Module 2 of the Canvas Course.

You may also interview company employees to help in your assessment.

Cite at least 5 references and 3 should be academic journal articles and may include the book being used in this course. Do use any of the content that we have provided in modules 1-5 to support your assessment

I need one to 1.5 pages and 1-2 references for my portion, providing an analysis of American Express business executive -skill life cycle. I have included the chart. This is the text we are currently using: The Innovators DNA-Mastering the Five Skills of Disruptive Innovation

Dyer, Gregersen & Christensen, 2011, Harvard Business Review Press.


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