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Thank you for your insight this week on the two scenerios evaluated. With the first scenerio I did see gender inequality as well and I feel as though having female waitresses with a certain look does not attract any more or any less of business. As a consumer, I am more interested in the quality of food, the cleaniness of the restaurant, and customer service. Of course, I would hope the waiter or waitress look presentable whether it be in the workplace attire or if they allow casual wear for their employees. At a previous job I had, a group of co-workers went to lunch at hooters and we had some important things to discuss but a few were distracted by the women and their attire. I believe it can be a distraction when employees or employers have business meetings at a restaurant of their liking and it can take away from the importance of the meeting. Next, I can agree that sex sells but does it have to sell in every industry? I think the food and customer service would be more important than trying to have the women dress provoacative and have blonde hair which in fact is discriminating against individuals who have brown, black, or ginger colored hair. Sex sells should be left to the entertainment industry (Hollywood, music etc.) instead of the restaurant but that is my personal opinion. The goal of a manager, supervisor, or business owner is to have workplace policies maximize the potential for every employee to contribute to the productivity and growth of the workplace while minimizing or eliminating irrelevant, inefficient, and nonproductive policies that prevent them from doing so (Bennett-Alexander & Hartman, 2021, p. 417). Maybe we can all ponder on this, the women have a certain look which in all honesty will cater to male customers. Why can’t the manager also have attractive waiters that will cater to women customers?


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