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Response Guidelines

Respond to at least two peers. Evaluate your peers’ choices of anticipated methods. Do they make sense to you? What additional questions might you ask?

Student post down below:

The One Stop Center provides programs for young adults to help them find employment after high school, decrease the dropout rate and increase the employment rate within the city of Riverbend (Capella, 2021). The One Stop Center is one of two organizations that are closely working to fix these issues within Riverbend. According to the scenario, the organizations are trying to address the issues but is not clear on what the most effective way to direct their efforts. They have decided that providing services would help and getting people out of generational poverty would help also, but they need to find a way to move the progress forward.

In order to move the progress forward the One Stop Program has to focus on a way to get people to trust that their programs will help them and not focus on their past issues. Another way that the One Stop Center will have to do is focus on reinventing their job training programs to work effectively. The One Stop Center could utilize predictive analytics to predict risk, cultivate diversity, expand financial opportunities, and serve the areas of that need the most. According to Tsao (2016), predictive analytics can be used to increase the efficiency of early intervention initiatives (p. 6).

One ethical concern that has arisen is confidentiality and trust of the participants who will be utilizing the program. Some participants feel that their past crime history will hinder their job opportunities, and the One-Stop Center has to find a way to work with employers who are still willing to hire participants with a past crime history.


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