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During the third week of your internship, the CIO emails you the following request: “Review the example I sent you about the implementation process. I attached a list of questions for you to answer about how the implementation process works and why IT projects sometimes fail. I’m most interested in your analysis of how organizations like ours can choose an information system and minimize the occurrences and effects of IT failures.” 

Completing this task for the CIO allows you the opportunity to analyze the selection, implementation, and evaluation of information systems in a health care organization and showcase yourself as a detailed-orientated analyst. 

Preparing for the Assignment:

Read Case Study: Memorial Health System CPOE Implementation Failure. 

Use Ch. 6, “Implementation,” of Essentials of Health Information Systems and Technology as a resource, if needed.

What is the justification for selecting an information system? Describe it. 

How does the organization’s goals drive the selection of an information system?

What are the roles each of the organization’s stakeholders play in the selection and acquisition process? Describe them.

What is the typical IT implementation process? What are the roles and responsibilities involved in system implementation? 

  • How did the process described in the case study fail to include the fundamental activities of a typical IT implementation process? 
  • What are at least 5 indicators of project failure that manifest themselves in the case study? 
  • For each indicator you described, how and when would you evaluate its effect? 


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