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Your paper should begin with a cover page – your name, class, and the name of the painting you are researching.

You should have a brief outline of the structure of your paper – what topics you are going to discuss, define, compare in a more-or-less finished order. Remember you are writing for your reader who knows nothing about the painting you are writing about, the subject matter, as well as the symbolism you are explaining. Make your paper easy to read. Define as you go – begin with the big picture first and then move onto smaller details. Be sure to not take it for granted that your reader knows any of your references.

Follow your outline with at least one page of your paper – introduce the building, architect, purpose. Be sure to include footnotes in the Chicago Manual of Style.  If the information is not common knowledge, footnote it. Remember footnotes go at the end of sentences and if you have multiple references from the same source/page/webpage, just place one footnote at the end of that section.

Do not quote from your sources or mention the source in the text. Paraphrase the information in your own words. All reference information goes in the footnote, not in the text of your paper. Remember this is your research, not that of someone else or the sources you are citing – you are putting it all together in a new way. You are the expert – be forceful, direct, and concise in your writing.  

Do not use the colloquial – ordinary spoken English. That is fine among friends, but you don’t know the person who might read your work so be formal.

Be sure to include a bibliography at the end of you writing sample listing the sources you are using for your research in proper Chicago Manual of Style format – note: there are slight differences between the footnote format and the bibliography format.


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