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Detailed job duties for a Senior .Net Full stack developer (software developer).

Example: please highlight a job duty and explain in detailed each of the job duties.

Pages require is 10 pages

Each main job duty should have atleast 8 detailed/sub job duties

Main job duties – at least 5

Sub/detailed of main job duties – at least 8

Example for detailed job duties

  • Responsible for using highly specialized knowledge of application integration, business process integration and B2B partner integration, using web Methods to assist Clients
    • Implement middle tier architecture modules to communicate from web tier to data tier and vice versa using object oriented principles, .Net framework 4.5.2, Asp.Net MVC 5, C#, Entity framework 6.0, Web API.
    • Manage the data creating view models to render single view model object to implement the pagination, Aggregate Root to make reports in Domain Driven Design (DDD), to integrate the data in one place.
    • Implement RESTful APIs that are reliable, scalable and flexible, and meet the needs of UI layer.
  • Assist in application development exercises of ranging complexity.
    • Studying system requirements, analyzing, designing and implementing integrations using webMethods toolset, messaging middleware and various data repositories.

Core technologies to cover:

NET Framework 4.5.2, Visual Studio 2019/2017, ASP.NET MVC 5.0, Unity Framework, C#, WCF, RESTful, JSON, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, SOLID principles, design patterns, Oracle19C/10g, Splunk, Entity Framework 6.0, LINQ, Azure DevOps, TFS, Postman,design patterns, architectural patterns, database technologies like oracle, sql server, web security, Web Api,, web services, MS Visio, Agile, Scrum, system demos, PI planning


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