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1.What are some downsides or costs of inequality mentioned by Beddoes? Are there any other downsides or costs that you might add? Explain.

2. What are some of the upsides or benefits of inequality mentioned by Beddoes? Are there any other upsides or benefits that you might add? Explain.

3. Draw, label, and explain the Kuznets curve for within-country inequality (see: “From U to N” description on page 3-4). Be sure to label the x and y axes. Now, add the italicized n portion mentioned by Beddoes, label the proximate years where this change occurred, and explain what it indicates.

4. What solutions to inequality does Beddoes most advocate? What solutions, if any, do you find preferable (note: you can pick from among the many mentioned by Beddoes or introduce your own solutions or ones not mentioned by Beddoes)? Explain.


1. According to Rostow, what accounts for the change from one stage of economic growth to the next?

2. To the best of your understanding, do you find Rostow’s Stages of Growth convincing? Are there any important considerations that you believe Rostow has left out? Explain.


1. What is/are the fundamental critique(s) of Rostow’s Stages of Economic Growth put forward by Andre Gunder Frank? Do you find Frank’s critiques convincing or not? Explain.


1. In as concise a way as possible, what epochs, events or practices best describe the historical relation between the “first” and “third” world, according to Escobar?

2. According to Escobar, what are some of the interests that guide “first-world” policies and practices of development and economic intervention? Put another way, is development of the “third world” a matter of charity and goodwill, or are there other economic, social, or political interests at stake? Explain.


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