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the Letter of Inquiry, is due on October 20, 2021, at 11:59 PM, (PST).

Your Letter of Inquiry will propose a program that addresses a societal issue related to aging.  This assignment will require creativity on your part.  Think about a real world solution to an issue that older people face.

This assignment can be based on a completely hypothetical program, or based on an existing program. 

You do not need to actually implement this idea – but it should be feasible within the budget you propose. The budget is just your best guess based on the equipment and staff needed. Generally the facility you use already exists – most grants fund nonprofit organizations that already have the staff and facilities, but need money to cover the extra staff time required to implement the project and any key equipment required.

The idea for this written assignment is to propose a program that addresses a societal issue related to aging, and request funding from an organization that wants credit for solving such an issue. Examples of such agencies include:

Archstone Foundation

SCAN Foundation

AARP Foundation

Unihealth Foundation

Hartford Foundation

Brookdale Foundation

Your paper should follow the format of a letter (sample letters attached) and cover the following details:

Chose a funding agency

Clearly describe the idea

Describe how much money you are requesting

Describe the context for the issue you are solving

Describe the population served

Describe how replicable the project may be

Introduce who you are, why you are qualified, and your role on the project

Describe the roles of others needed to implement the project

The Letter of Inquiry should be:


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