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1) In November, 1947 the United Nations announced a plan to partition Palestine into two states, a Jewish State and an Arab Palestinian State.  The Jewish community of Palestine was generally favorable to the UN plan; the Palestinians rejected the partition plan and opposed in principle any partition of the country. 

How did the UN propose to divide Palestine between the Jewish community and the Palestinians?  Why do you think the Palestinian community rejected the UN partition plan?  What were the demographic conditions inside the boundaries of the proposed Jewish State that inflamed the Jewish community and provoked fear among Palestinians living in the proposed Jewish State? 

2)  In 1987, Benny Morris published a pathbreaking account of the origins of the Palestinian refugee problem that challenged previous Israeli versions of the event and contained graphic admissions of brutality committed by Zionist military forces.  We read an update of Morris’ 1987 book.

In broad outline, what did Benny Morris argue about the causes of the Palestinian refugee problem?  What did Morris emphasize about “transfer thinking” among the Zionist leadership in the 1930s, and what did he argue about the role of transfer thinking in the actual exodus of Palestinians from Palestine in 1947-49?  How did Ilan Pappe critique the argument of Benny Morris? 

I will list the sources to be used down below . Morris, Benny (2007).  Revisiting the Palestinian Exodus of 1948.  The War for Palestine.  Eugene L. Rogan and Avi Shlaim, eds.  Cambridge:  Cambridge University Press [pp. 37-59].// Pappe, Ilan (2006).  The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine.  London:  Oneworld. [pp. 1-9] //Morris reading and kadman


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