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Read the “student group” case at the beginning of the Chapter 2. Then select two of the “Questions for Review” below from its respective chapter to respond to. Include the text of the questions in your post and the topic of your case in the subject line of your post.

Student Group Questions

  1. Among other things, communication is personal. What conclusions might be drawn about the personal attitudes of the students in our opening case toward each other and toward group processes?
  2. Besides the obvious symbolic meanings of “late,” what other meanings can be read into the remarks and the nonverbal behaviors of the students?
  3. What are the obvious content dimensions communicated in the students’ remarks? What are they communicating to each other about how they perceive their relationships, including responsiveness, power, and liking?
  4. Do these students give any hints about their listening preferences? If so, what are they?
  5. How would you rewrite some of Lam’s comments to show how he could have paraphrased what Kelli, Ryan, and Tamika said? Which of the eight major categories of nonverbal behaviors are most relevant to this student group?
  6. How might computer-mediated communication been used by our student group? What precautions might they take should they choose to use it to compensate for absences from meetings?
  7. Given your understanding of communication principles, including nonverbal messages, what advice would you give to this student group?

Work resources to be used:

  • Galanes & Adams. (2019). Effective group discussion: Theory and practice (15th ed.). McGraw Hill. eText


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