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Stress can occur in the workplace if the environment is not conducive to different viewpoints, various personality types, and ethnic backgrounds. The following change agents you are assigned to research are all historical figures that fought to improve the working conditions of the health profession. Improving the work environment can significantly impact stress levels and allow for more creative, productive, and overall happy employees.  see how your personality type relates to stress:

Assigned Change Agent: 

  • Mary Eliza Mahoney

Part One

Research your assigned topics. Discuss the following in your initial post for your topic and cite at least two professional references:

  • Give a brief description of your historical figure and      why this person is considered a Change Agent in the health care      profession.
  • After taking the Myers Briggs Personality and Stress      test in the above link, what personality type do you possess, and how      might this be similar or different from your assigned Change Agent.
  • What lessons could you learn from this person to be a      change agent in your own healthcare career (currently or in the future)?

Initial Posts: 1 initial post, 350 -500 words, at least one academic reference, 

Part two write about 150 – 250 word for each comparison. 

  • In a separate document from the above equation,        compare your assigned  change agent (Mary Eliza       Mahoney) to Florence Guinness Blake and Florence Nightingale 

How are each of these two similar?  How are they different? 


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