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PURPOSE: This assignment provides practice in drafting a policy to achieve data integrity as well as evaluating the impact of the policy on healthcare.

SCENARIO: Norfolk Health System has greatly increased the data the organization has available through its EHR and other systems. As part of the planning for starting to use the data in a data warehouse, policies must be developed that will govern its use of data, specifically addressing data integrity.

A policy is written to guide the actions of all persons involved or connected with the organization in regard a specific topic or area. Policies may serve as guidelines or be mandatory. Policies should generally include the following components:

  • A statement of purpose
  • Broad objectives to be addressed
  • Strategies to achieve each objective
  • Specific actions to be taken
  • Desired outcomes of specific actions
  • Performance indicators
  • A regular review cycle.
  • TASKS:

    • Think back to the topics covered in class that address data integrity and develop one policy for Norfolk Health System to help support its efforts in this area. Policy should be specific to data integrity in relation to a data warehouse.
    • You most likely will need to do some research on this topic to identify what other organizations may have drafted and what are key areas to address. Make sure to include these resources at the end of your policy document. Put references in APA format
    • Impact Evaluation: When submitting your assignment, include a paragraph (~150 words) that evaluates the impact of the policy on healthcare in a separate document.

    Data integrity that we covered in class:

    1. Domain integrity

    2. Entity integrity

    3. Referal integrity

    4. policy integrity.


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