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After reading Jeremy Jaynes v. Commonwealth of Virginia, please write an essay (1000+ words) discussing one of the following legal topics: please choose 1 of the 2 topics below

1. Jurisdiction: What interesting issue of jurisdiction was present in the Jeremy Jaynes case? Use your own words to discuss the arguments presented by both sides. How did the court finally rule on this issue, and why? How did this ruling affect the overall case? Do you think this ruling was appropriate? Have you ever considered that you might do something on the Internet that violates a law in another state? What if you weren’t even aware of the other state’s law? As part of your essay, suggest a hypothetical situation of this sort and discuss how a court might handle it, based on the ruling in Jeremy Jaynes.

2. Anonymous Speech: In what way was anonymous speech relevant to the ruling in the Jeremy Jaynes case? Use your own words to discuss the arguments presented by both sides on this issue. How is the First Amendment involved? What do you think about the anonymous speech? Do you think Jaynes’ actions constitute “anonymous speech” within the meaning of the First Amendment? Why or why not? Do you think that YOU should be allowed to send anonymous emails? If so, should there be any limitations? What if the anonymous postings or emails concern misinformation about covid-19? Explain.

No research is required for this essay, other than referring to the case above. Citations are required only if you use additional resources or quote directly from the case.

I included the Jeremy Jaynes v. Commonwealth of Virginia case and the provided rubric please take a look to get an idea of how the grader will grade this essay.

My first language is not English, all I need is an essay with simple sentences with clear thoughts.


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