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This assignment is primarily about posting visual sources, if you decide to post a written source you MUST post an image of the original document (which needs to come from the assigned era, and you also MUST provided an extended excerpt (at least one paragraph if not several) from the document.

  • You may NOT upload your image to canvas and then link from it there since that can cause issues where some people cannot view the image, you need to embed the image using a link to the original site where you found it. If you are uncertain about how to do this please see the course help page.
  • Here is a sample:
  • History Image
  • Artist: Benjamin Franklin
  • Title: Join, or Die
  • Date: May 9, 1754

Retrieved from (Links to an external site.) or,_or_Die (Links to an external site.)

Comment: This political cartoon was published by Benjamin Franklin in his Pennsylvania Gazette as part of his effort to get the colonies to join together into a loose confederation he called the plan of union. It would have provided limited leadership/coordination on issues like war with the Native Americans or delivering the mail. This effort failed since the colonies in 1754 still did not feel the common bond they would about 20 years later.


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