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  1. Choose a regional trade agreement from the many around the world (EU, MERCOSUR, CAN, USMCA, GCC, SACU, CACM, DR-CAFTA-US, SAARC, CARICOM, ASEAN, SAARC, Arab League, African Union, etc.). The complete list is here. (Links to an external site.)
  1. Identify its stated purposes.
  2. Briefly discuss the history/timeline of the trading bloc, full member states, associate member states, and observer states.
  3. Describe the organizational structure of the bloc and the functions. List the current leaders/officials of the organization.
  4. Discuss the latest balance of trade indicators such as GDP per capita, exports, imports, etc. How is the trading bloc doing in terms of growth?
  5. Discuss current issues/challenges facing the bloc.
  6. Discuss the impact that membership in the trading bloc has had on the economy of one member nation.
  7. Write a word document about the chosen trading bloc, making sure you use proper headings/subheadings to differentiate the six questions being asked. At the end, you should include a reference page.
  8. Quality of work is more important than quantity of words. Do the best of your abilities as you produce an assignment that is complete as is insightful. Please double-check your work before submission. Submission of empty files, corrupted files, or wrong assignments (from other courses) is considered late until you submit the right file. Keep in mind that late work incurs a penalty as referenced in the syllabus. The instructor usually takes three days to grade an assignment but under no circumstances it will take more than one week.


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