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For this the two repsonses you are going to complete in this email try fitting everythng on one page.

Review the documents below. Is this a positive way forward for Indigenous education in Canada, including Indigenous knowledge for non-Indigenous students? Why or why not? 200 words

You also have to look at the repsonse from another student below , and respond on what you think about the response what parts you agree and whether you disagree, but this is after you complete reading the docuemnts and finish completing the question. 100 words

“I think that both documents demonstrate a positive first couple of steps towards Indigenous education in Canada, however there are even further steps that must be taken in order to create equity. First, I think the emphasis on involving Indigenous communities, especially elders, in curriculum building is very important. Second, I like that there was an explicit focus on encouraging Indigenous people to become teachers (Ontario, 2013). I also think it is a positive step forward to increase Indigenous language education in schools, however, I am not sure how feasible that will be since there are a lack of Indigenous language speakers left in Canada. I also think that “Native Studies” courses should be made mandatory for all students. Making them optional, while “History” is mandatory, further reinforces that Indigenous history is less important than the white man’s perspective. I would also like to see Indigenous knowledge integrated into all courses, rather than just history or language courses. Finally, I think that for the most change to occur, the complexities around Indigenous education quality must be addressed. Ontario needs to improve Indigenous living situations, such as ensuring access to clean water, affordable nutritious food, and wider social supports.”


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