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Assignment Instructions

This Assessment will provide you the opportunity to conduct research on several contemporary accounting topics as well as writing across the curriculum. This research paper will be the culmination of your degree. Please select one of the below topics: The assessment is due on Sunday in week 8.

  • Auditors legal liability under tort law
  • Auditors legal liability under SEC law
  • Tax practice legal liability
  • PCAOB accounting firm’s compliance requirements
  • Similarities and differences between GAAP and IFRS standards
  • What is the current state of implementing international accounting standards?
  • Compare the relationship between accounting and finance
  • An examination of the relationship between accounting and banking.
  • What is bankruptcy and how it can affect the accounting process?
  • A future prediction for the accounting field.
  • How governments have an influence in accounting?

You can also select an original topic that is not on the list above.  If you do that, please contact your professor for approval.   You should begin in Week 6.  The research paper must be turned in no later than the end of week 8.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please complete the paper using APA Style Format. Save your assignment file as ‘LastnameFirstinitial-ACCT499-FA1″, and submit by 11:59pm, ET. Late assignments will be assessed a 10% penalty.

NOTE: Please  reference the “APA_Style_Guidelines” file for guidance on the use of APA style.

Your assignment will be graded according to the following Writing Assignment Grading Rubric:

. Save your assignment file as ‘LastnameFirstinitial-ACCT499-FA1″, and submit by 11:59pm, ET. Late assignments will be assessed a 10% penalty.


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