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How Integrated ERP systems and technology can play a significant role in operational success. Reviewed the multiple benefits and challenges from implementing the right ERP system, please address the deliverables below:

  1. What are some of the challenges when trying to implement a new ERP system?
  2. What Tools/Concepts can be used to overcome these challenges?
  3. Please discuss risk vs. reward when taking on a new ERP implementation project (Example: Costs vs.      Productivity Increases)?
  4. Lastly, what type of system does your organization incorporate into their operations? 
  5. Any recommendations to your organization in regard to their ERP system?


Harvard Business Publishing Case Study: Keda’s SAP Implementation

It will be beneficial to watch the video and reading on “What is SAP? Why do we need ERP” and our “Maximizing the Return on Investment Using ERP Applications”.

Please answer all 5 questions by Q1, Q2, Q3.Q4, and Q5 including minimum four references with URL addresses

  1. What challenges has Keda encountered to influence the implementation of SAP?
  2. What benefits has Keda experienced since “Go Live” with the new SAP ERP system?
  3. Describe the importance of planning when taking on a new ERP implementation? How does an effective      Implementation team mitigate risks associated with an ERP transition?
  4. Define “Computerization” and detail how Keda has used it to strategically and competitively position their organization?
  5. What recommendations do you have to an organization in Keda’s position that may be hesitant of implementing a new ERP system due to associated risks (Costs, Operations      Interruptions, change Management and etc…)?


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