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TASK: Make a business/finance/marketing related research proposal with length of 1250 words.

The research proposal does not have to follow step by step the structure below. You are free to write in a format you feel most comfortable . However, the research proposal must answer all the questions and conditions described below and outlined in the rubric.

General information:

  • Field of study/research area: e.g. consumer behaviour, leadership, stock markets, digital marketing, real estate markets, etc.
  • Department: Department of Management; Department of Marketing and Communication; Department of Economics and Finance.
  • Topic/tentative title
  • Keywords (2-4)

1. Why?

  • Background to the topic? Interest and/or importance (research rationale).
  • Research purpose/goal.
  • Who needs the planned research results? Why? (e.g. company, society, national or private organisations and associations, science, etc.)

2. What?

  • What are you going to research?
  • Short literature overview of core concepts (background information on the keywords).
  • What has been researched before? Some examples of previous research and results.
  • Population and sample description. In the case of a small-scale case study, provide a short overview of the case and context.
  • Research question(s) and/or tasks.

3. How?

  • What is the planned research method? Why?
  • Where does the data come from? What type of data?

Reference list

  • List of sources used in the research proposal.


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