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Discussion: Making or Breaking a Team

The ability to create an effective team depends on many factors. Team members have to be able to recognize and accept social, educational, and cultural differences in the various team members. Members of the interprofessional team must be open-minded and ready to accept ideas from other colleagues in order to develop a dynamic and effective care team. Team leaders must be able to recognize, early on, potential disagreements and differences that may lead to conflict within the team and be able to develop strategies to overcome those problems to complete the job.

In this Discussion, you will recommend strategies for building an effective team and cultivating a collaborative culture. In addition, you will consider the attitudes and behaviors that can cause division within a team.

To prepare:

  • Review this week’s Required Resources.
  • Reflect on the problem of diversity and conflict and the positive and negative effects on the team.

By Day 4

Post a correctly formatted comprehensive Discussion response to the following:

  • Choose one strategy for building an effective team that you think is the most important. Explain why you think that strategy is most important.
  • Choose one strategy that you think is most important for cultivating a collaborative culture and sustaining a team. Explain why you think that strategy is most important.
  • Describe at least two attitudes and/or behaviors that can cause division within a team, and explain how these things can be addressed and prevented.
  • Support your response with the Learning Resources and other scholarly readings. Your Discussion post should follow APA guidelines and have proper formatting.
  • Minimun of 350 words.


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