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This week, we will put together all the information we have collected so far and organize it in meaningful sections. In this min-assignment, you are asked to write your first draft. 

What to Include

  • Introduction,

You must introduce the main topic briefly, any definition or new jargon you will use in the paper, the bigger picture in the literature with regards to your research question, problem definition (what are you trying to solve or discuss), what aspects/methods/surveys/studies you specifically looked into and the thesis statement. At the end of the introduction section, you can explain what each coming sections will discuss to give a road map to your audience. 


  1. You      might write more than one paragraph for the introduction section; please      note that each paragraph needs to have a clear topic sentence, i.e., one      main topic. 
  2. Identify what is missing in your report/paper and what      action plan you will take to complete those sections in a separate      paragraph. This might include: 
    • complete       the research and finalize the ideas to present in the final paper, create       appropriate section heading, add evidence (data, statistics, visuals) to       support ideas/claims, find more sources, and organize the flow of       information by moving the paragraphs around. 
  3. In-text      citation and reference list. Please note that you most definitely need to      cite the literature in the introduction section if you write a paper. If      you are writing a report, you may or may not include an in-text citation      depending on the information you present. 


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